About Me

Voiceover acting and voiceover with hand-drawn videos

Voice over actor; demo's below.

Studying acting and improv in Seattle.

Hand-drawn videos are a unique way to capture audience engagement; it humanizes your message in a way that lets your audience be laser focused on your message.

Graphic Facilitation Projects

Communication is key to any great team or project.  But often we spend valuable time trying to get our audience to focus on the problem or, the solution you already have.

We immediately go directly to graphs, charts and death by Powerpoint...in an effort to  keep your audiences attention.  Pictures say 1000 words, and in a world where everyone has the attention span of a gnat....wouldn't it be better if you can get the point across in 10 seconds?  

Art Projects

Looking for that unique gift, something that has a deep personal meaning  to you or your loved one?  

  • Custom Illustration of family members
  • Custom logo for your business
  • Unique image for custom personal items
  • Portraits

Audio Voiceover track

Voiceover  compilation of Commercial and Narration bites

My Blog

Welcome!  Its interesting to hear success stories, but I find we learn the most valuable and useful lessons from our failures.  We become one thousand times more challenged to find ways to improve ourselves when we fail.  So fail spectacularly!!!  

Since January I've found myself challenged artistically; its been exciting, learning new techniques.  The second bit of advice I can give you, is to find a mentor (that's someone who has a career or skill in which your interested). 

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